Superior HVAC Services for the Inland Empire - for 27 years!

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Tired of sweating money away?

Why spend another summer surrounded by fans, or sleeping in front of the refrigerator? Besides being inefficient, these methods are incredibly expensive. With our 27 years of experience, we know just how to set your home or office space up with the right air conditioning at the right price.


We also offer 100% financing, which will allow you to get the latest, most efficient air conditioning system installed now. We guarantee our work 100%, too, so you have no reason to sweat about your system breaking down any time soon. Call us at 951-680-0712 today to make an appointment for an estimate!

Air conditioning replaces the summer breezes

We've been servicing the Riverside, CA area and the surrounding Inland Empire for almost three decades. This means we know what kind of air conditioning needs the local climate requires. We also know how to set it up, and keep it running for years to come. Mild or sweltering, your summers will be cool after we're done - guaranteed.

We install and maintain all types of air conditioners

Our expert HVAC engineers provide service and installation for all types of air conditioning systems. Our family owned and operated business carries all the parts your system needs, and we offer the best service, installation and repairs around.

From huge business systems to small home installations

With 27 years of experience, we're able to install single family residential air conditioning units, large apartment complex systems and rooftop systems for businesses. We even can install units small enough for mobile homes.

We're familiar with every air conditioning technology

Our technicians are all highly trained, and constantly updated on all air conditioning technologies and advancements. From gas to electric, condensers to swamp coolers, we keep your home or business running smoothly and cool.